Chef Ramzi Choueiri

Official biography

Chef Ramzi's Career (TV programs, Cookbooks, Ambassadorships, Awards, .)

.            1994 to 2010:  Chef Ramzi joins the morning show on Lebanese Future Television, where he presented a daily live, interactive, educational and instructive show on the art of cooking with a Pan-Arab Audience estimated to 10 million viewers, being the first Arab chef to perform a live cooking show on TV, opening the way to many others

.           1997: Chef Ramzi publishes the first volume of his culinary encyclopedia which reached record sales in the Arab world (more than 1 million books sold to this date).       

.           2002:  The Arabic & French versions of Chef Ramzi's book "Lebanese Culinary Heritage" were published. This book was later on translated into 6 languages, other than french.

. 2003:  The French version of "Lebanese Culinary Heritage" won the first European Gourmet prize as Best Traditional Cook Book in the World. 

.          2003: Chef Ramzi is decorated by the Lebanese President of the Republic the Medal of Lebanese Merit.

.           2004:  CNN launches its "rediscover Lebanon" food programs with the contribution of Chef Ramzi who organizes and plans for CNN the culinary trips throughout Lebanon.

.           2005 to 2010: Chef Ramzi is appointed as the Ambassador of the Middle-East and North-African area of the Dutch Company Princess, specialized in electrical household appliances.

. 2006:  Chef Ramzi is welcomed by the Arab communities in Brazil and Argentine and receives from the Government of Buenos Aires the Argentinian Honorific Citizenship.

2008:  Chef Ramzi produces in Beijing, China, the Chef Ramzi-Gourmand Cooking TV programs covering the Chinese cuisine, to be broadcasted same year on Pan Arab TVs

.           2009:  Chef Ramzi is welcomed by Their Royal Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan and is officially appointed by HM the King as His Majesty's personal Jordanian Army Food Counselor.

.           2009, 2010 Chef Ramzi achieves and obtains 3 Guinness World Records for the largest servings of: Hummus (10.452 kg), Tabbouleh (3.453 kg), Falafel (150.000 units), demonstrating that those dishes are solely Lebanese. Chef Ramzi becomes the First Arabic Person to hold 4 unbeaten Guinness World Records. The fourth Guinness World Record was gained for the biggest plate of Fatteh, prepared with the special needs children of the Al-Kafaāt foundation

2012 to 2015:  Chef Ramzi is appointed as the Arabic Culinary Ambassador of Qatar Airways internationally representing Lebanese Cuisine on all Qatar Airways international flights. 

. 2016 till present: Chef Ramzi serves as the CEO of the Al-Kafaāt Foundation, in which he has been working on a voluntary basis/as a benevolent since 1997

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  • Gourmet prize for Best Traditional Cook Book in the World
  • Medal of the Lebanese Merit
  • Argentinian Honorific Citizenship
  • 4 Guinness World Records

Ambassadorships and counselling: 

  • Arabic Culinary Ambassador of Qatar Airways in the World
  • Personal Jordanian Army Food Counselor, appointed by HM King Abdullah and HM Queen Rania
  • Ambassador in Middle-East and North-Africa for the Dutch Company Princess

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