He was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1971
  • He finished secondary school at "l'Ecole Notre Dame de Jamhour", Lebanon
  • In 1992, he obtained a bachelor degree in law and economics from the University of Lyon in France.
  • He studied Culinary Art at Bournemouth College and received the following degrees from the University of London in England:
    • City & Guilds of London.
    • Food and Hygiene from the Environmental Health Officers.
    • Catering for the Industry.
  • He conducted an internship in France with world-renowned chef Jean Masson and received a diploma from his famous establishment: La Minaudière.
  • He studied the art of pastry and baking with the French chef Bernard Moine, president of the "Syndicat des Pâtissiers-Boulangers" de France, and became in 1993 an honorary member of that union.
  • He returned to Lebanon at the end of 1992 and rejoined the “Al Kafaât” foundation. In 1995 he became general director of its catering school and member of the board of administration.
  • He developed the catering school, which became in 2001, "L'Institut Universitaire de Technologies et Arts Hôteliers".
  • In 1994, he joined the team of the "'Alam es Sabah" morning show on Lebanese Future Television, where he presented a daily live interactive educational and instructive show on the art of cooking for Pan-Arab Audiance estimated of 10 millions viewers.
  • In 1998, he published the first volume of his culinary encyclopedia which reached record sales in the Arab world (more then 650,000 books sold to this date).
  • He was recognized as the top chef in the Arab world by important organizations such as: New York Times, Herald Tribune, Associated Press, L'Express, Le Courrier International, La Presse (Montreal), B.B.C., Radio Monte Carlo, Radio France Internationale, CNN.
  • In 2002, the arabic, french & portuguese versions of his book on the Lebanese Culinary Heritage was published.
  • In 2003, the French version won the first European Gourmet prize as Best Traditional Cook Book
    That same year, Chef Ramzi was decorated by the Lebanese President of the Republic the Medal of Lebanese Merit.
  • In 2004, CNN launches its "rediscover Lebanon" food programs with the contribution of Chef Ramzi who organises and plans for CNN the culinary trips throughout Lebanon.
  • In 2004, the portuguese version of Chef Ramzi's book "The Culinary Heritage of Lebanon" is awarded as the best-selling book in Rio Book-fair.
  • From 2005 - until 2010, Chef Ramzi becomes the Ambassador in Middle-East and North-Africa of the Dutch Company PRINCESS specialized in electrical household appliances.
  • In 2006, Chef Ramzi is welcomed by the Arab Communities in Brazil and Argentine and receives from the Government of Buenos Aires the Argentinean Honorific Citizenship
  • In 2008, Chef Ramzi produces in Beijing, China, the Chef Ramzi-Gourmand Cooking TV programs covering the Chinese cuisine, to be broadcasted same year on Pan Arab TVs.
  • In 2008, Chef Ramzi represents the Middle Eastern and Gulf cuisine at the London Book Fair.
  • In 2009, Chef Ramzi is awarded in Paris the best Food TV broadcaster in the world prize for his TV career if more then 3,500 live cook show broadcasted in all the arab world and to all Arabic communities in the world for a public evaluated between 8 and 10 millions viewers.
  • Chef Ramzi has written may forwards to different cookbooks in the world one of them "Dubai New Arabian Cuisine" published by UMSHAU in 2006.
  • In 2009, Chef Ramzi is welcomed by Their Royal Majesties king Abdallah and Queen Rania of Jordan and is officially appointed by HM the King as HM personel Jordanian Army Food Counselor.
  • In 2009, Chef Ramzi travels to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, invited to visit Kuala Lumpur Airport's Kitchens.
  • In 2009 and 2010, Chef Ramzi achieves and obtains 3 Guinness World Records for the largest servings of: Hummus (10.452 kg), Tabbouleh (3.453 kg) and Falafel (150.000 unit).
    Chef Ramzi is the First Arabic Person to hold unbeaten 3 GWR.
  • In 2010, Chef Ramzi launches his line of Frozen ready-to-eat recipes produced in his company in Beirut. It is the first time that an Arabic company produces such items. The 23 Frozen recipes are a hit in the Lebanese market.
  • In 2010, Chef Ramzi realizes gratuitously the New York Grand Hyatt charity Dinner for the Lebanese Al-Kafaat Foundation for the Disabled children.
  • In 2010, Chef Ramzi participates in the first prime of the Celebrity Duets show on the LBC Pan Arab Satellite channel.
  • In 2011, Chef Ramzi publishes his third book "Honeymoon" which he offers to his wife as a gift for their 12 years marriage celebration.
  • To date, Chef Ramzi performs his weekly live cooking show on the LBC Pan Arab Satellite Channel.